Leftover wine usage - White bottle – part 2

Leftover wine usage - White bottle – part 2

For cooking:

Save money, use the leftover wines for cooking, no waste of the leftover wines!

Why not use the left over wines to make some delicious dishes, since normally leftover wines are not supposed to kept open too long.


Use Leftover White wine:

White wine can use for marinating the white meat or fish or seafood. Have you ever heard about ’white wine butter scallop’ which is a delicious Seafood plate. You can choose the best with leftover dry white wine as a sort of light body and fresh acidity or other wines made from Bourgogne chardonnay as Chablis which can helps to emphasize on the Freshness of the seafood.


Use White wine to cook the fish as salmon will need a kind of lighter taste without oaked white wine. Those heavy white oaky white wine will be suitable for making delicious dishes cook with white sauce creamy mushroom chicken or other Southeast Asia dishes with coconut. Another idea is to make white wine cheese fondue (hotpot), just need to add some garlic and French baguette, it’s done! Very easy, everyone can do it.


For those who loves cooking, we will share the recipe on other futher blog, Keep tune!


Bonne Appetite!

Minnie (WSET III & FWS Wine educator)

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