About Us

We are a HK based company since 2015 providing quality selected wines from Independant familly France wineries. We source the wines directly in France with a sourcing hub in Burgundy (Bourgogne) Our wines are heart-made by small familly wineries famous for its quality.
These quality wines are selected by our expert teams in France which we have assembling top chefs, sommeliers, and quality private kitchen, and wine consultants, with experts in French wine, with a minimum WSET Level 3 qualification driving through the France to bring the wines to your home as you drink it in the French wineries's quality. 

We also do wholesales to business retailers, please contact us for quotations. 

Find your wines to love via Wine tasting

Taste the Sensations through our wine tasting events and food pairing. We create a unique experience with each meal pairing with our wines. Want to feel how fun are our wine events? please click on our facebook "f" icon or "Instagram" icon at the right lower corner for more photos of our great souvenir from previous events, Or if you would like to see our wineries trip experience, welcome to 'Like' and 'Follow' us.

Base on our wine tasting events guests' request, we have some wines that we have tasted together during the events for sells.

 If they like the wines, they can still buy via our wine tasting event at the same day with a promotional price, or on our online wine shop 




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