Leftover wine usage - Red bottle – part 1

Leftover wine usage - Red bottle – part 1

For cooking:

Save money, use the leftover wine for cooking, no waste of the leftover wine!

Why not use the leftover wine to make some delicious dishes, since normally leftover wine are not supposed to keep too long.


Use Leftover red bottle:

Red wines can use for marinating the red meat likes red wine beef. Have you ever heard about ’Boeuf Bourguignon’ which is a delicious Bourgogne (Burgundy) plate. You can choose the best with leftover Bourgogne red wine or other wines made from Pinot Noir.


Use red wine to slow cook the beef is the way to make ‘Boeuf Bourguignon’ , or also make ‘Coq au Vins’ which is another delicious dishes cook with ‘Coq’. Another idea is to make dessert as red wine pear, or red wines strawberry, just need to add some vanilla and sugar, it’s done! Very easy, everyone can do it.

Even at a cold day, you can simple boiled it by adding spices likes anise, cinnamon to turn it into a hot mulled wines to warm up yourself. 

For those who loves cooking, we will share the recipe on other further blog, Keep tune!


Bonne Appetite!

Minnie (Certified WSET III & FWS, more than 10 years wine working experience)

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