Leftover wine usage - Sweet bottle – part 3

Leftover wine usage - Sweet bottle – part 3

Topic 1: Leftover wine usage – part 3 Leftover Sweet bottle

For cooking:

Save money, use the leftover wine for cooking, no waste of the leftover wine!

Why not use the leftover wine to make some delicious dishes, since normally leftover wine are not supposed to kept open too long. Even sweet wine can be kept longer than most other wine due the higher sugar content. 


Use Leftover Sweet bottle:

Sweet bottle can use for replacing sugar to marinating the meat or fruits. Have you ever heard about ’Sweet wine Foie Gras’ which is a delicious SouthWest France plate? Such a delice since Foie Gras is salty and adding some sweet wine on it will give it a sweetie salty balance. You can choose depends on the different flavor of the sweet wine to pair with different dishes. Some sweet wine will give more Honey, caramel, dried fruit likes figs, apricots which give complexity to the dishes as Sauternes, Monbazillac or Honey wine Mead which can helps to emphasize on the Freshness of the meat.

 Use sweet wine to cook the dessert can be a good idea also, you can use them to make fruit salads, baked apple, slow stewed pear, even other southeast Asia dessert with coconut. Another idea is to make sweet wine cocktail, just need to add some spirit and a slice of dried candied fruit, it’s done! Very easy, everyone can enjoy it.

 For those who loves cooking, we will share the recipe on other further blog, Keep tune!


Bonne Appetite!

Minnie (WSET III & FWS Wine educator)

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