French Sake Le Guishu Semi-Dry

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French Sake - Le Guishu

Le Guishu Demi-Sec (Semi Dry)

Ref: 105YWDS

12.5% Alc.

100% French Rice from Carmague

*Eye: Yellow Gold Color

*Nose: clear and pure , aromas of passion fruit and pear with a hint of fermented rice in the after taste according to temperature. 

*Mouth: charming, very round in style, and fruity with a nice cool sweetness. Passion fruit and Pear Notes on the final with hint of sake. 

*Pair with sweet sour dishes, a little spicy dishes as SouthEast Asia & Chinese cuisine, Shellfish, White meat as poultry, pigeon and Cold Cut. Or just as a Aperitif.

*Service temperature: around 7-10°C. Also, can be drink warm in winter as a Sake.