Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine de Lauriers 2020 Burgundy White

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SKU: 103WBA20

Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine de Lauriers 2020

Ref: 103WBA20

AOC Bourgogne

13% Alc.

Grapes variety: 100% Aligoté

*Eye: Well-fruited, and pale gold in colour.

*Nose: Its bouquet is floral as hawthorn, acacia or fruity as apple.

*Palate: it’s a tender, melting wine that tickles the taste buds and finishes on notes of citrus fruits, typical of the Aligoté grape variety.

*Pair with roasted snail cold meats and spicy country pâté, fried fish, "andouillette" (stuffed intestines of pork), seafoods and goat cheese.

*Temperature: 11-12°C.