French Sake Semi-Sweet Coconut aroma - Gold Medal

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French Sake - Le Guishu

 Le Guishu Demi-Doux (Semi Sweet)

Ref: 105YWDD

12.5% Alc.

100% French Rice from Carmague

*Eye: Amber Gold Yellow Color

*Nose: Powerful & Complex as orange peel, coconut, honey, caramel, osmanthus are the main five aromas.

*Mouth: Complex, rich and very structured. Freshness & sweetness are beautifully balanced. Finish remains fresh invite for another sip.

*Pair with Crispy skin porc, spicy dishes as Chinese,SouthEastAsia cuisine, Pineapple Pigeon. Blue Cheese. .

*Service temperature: around 8-10°C.

Gold Medal Wine Luxe