French Sake Dry Litchi aroma - Bronze Medal

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1.0 kg

French Sake - Le Guishu

Le Guishu Sec (Dry)

Ref: 105YWS

12.5% Alc.

80% French Rice from Carmague

20% Ugni Blanc

*Eye: Pale Yellow with Green hints

*Nose:  (Bouquet) powerful, lemony apple, floral as rose, litchi dominate.

*Mouth: Pleasant, fresh, with citrus. Fine and delicate body, reminds fermented rice with hint of bitterness.

*Pair with seafood, Oyster, crab, smoked salmon. Perfect with sushi, dishes with ginger. Little spicy, Cantonese food such as dim sum. Grilled fish, white meat, raw or cooked vegetables. Appetizers, salads, cold meats. 
.*Service temperature: around 8-10°C.

Bronze Medal Wine Luxe