Dragon Boat Festival Wines sets special offers - French Sake Le Guishu

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$500.00 $600.00

Dragon Boat Festival Wines Combo special offers:

Festival Date: 3rd June  (Offer available until End of June or sold out)


** Dragon Boat Festival French Sake Set Offer:

$180 Dry, $200 Semi Dry, $220 Semi Sweet @bottle Original price, buy Set of 3 bottles , only $500, Save $100


- Dry: Green bottle

Original : Rice from Carmaque France 750ml, 12.5% Alc.

Blended with Ugni Blanc Grape

*Eye: Pale Yellow with Green hints

*Nose:  (Bouquet) powerful, lemony apple, floral as rose, litchi dominate.

*Mouth: Pleasant, fresh, with citrus. Fine and delicate body, reminds fermented rice with hint of bitterness.

*Pair with seafood, Oyster, crab, smoked salmon. Perfect with sushi, dishes with ginger. Little spicy, Cantonese food such as dim sum. Grilled fish, white meat, raw or cooked vegetables. Appetizers, salads, cold meats. 
.*Service temperature: around 8-10°C.


  • Semi Dry (Yellow Bottle)

Original : Rice from Carmaque France 750ml, 12.5% Alc.

*Eye: Yellow Gold Color

*Nose: clear and pure as a Canadian Icewine, aromas of pear and lychee with a hint of fermented rice according to temperature. 

*Mouth: charming, very round in style, and Passion fruit gives fruity with a nice cool sweetness. Pear Notes on the final.

*Pair with sweet sour dishes, a little spicy dishes as Chinese cuisine, Shellfish, White meat as poultry, pigeon. Salad with walnuts, Cheese. .

*Service temperature: around 8-10°C.


  • Semi Sweet (Brown Bottle)

Original : Rice from Carmaque France 750ml, 12.5% Alc.

*Eye: Amber Gold Yellow Color

*Nose: Powerful & Complex as orange peel, coconut, honey, caramel, osmanthus are the main five aromas.

*Mouth: Complex, rich and very structured. Freshness & sweetness are beautifully balanced. Finish remains fresh invite for another sip.

*Pair with Crispy skin porc, spicy dishes as Chinese,SouthEastAsia cuisine, Pineapple Pigeon. Blue Cheese. .

*Service temperature: around 8-10°C.


French Sake service mode:

Either can served chill around 8-10°C.

Or served warm in a Japanese Sake warming pot, don't boil it directly, pour out the wine to a sake glasses or pot and put it into a hot water container to warm it up. 

Then enjoy! you will find the sake taste while drink it warm. 

French Sake offer

Total amount is ONLY $500 for 3 bottles/Set , SAVE $100

20% Off. Great Deal, Not to miss it! Buy 3 sets, free delivery, even save more.